Dear Universe, it’s Me.

So this time I don’t need a reply, this time it’s just a message to say Thank you. When I broke up with my boyfriend, I was broken. I asked the universe to send me a sign that I was going to be okay, I asked for stability; asking the universe to show me that it had my back.

If there’s one thing that you learn about me, it’s that I love animals. I have a lovely moggy cat, and a gorgeous mixed breed arab/connemara pony, and nothing makes me happier then them. When all hope is lost, they are there to pick me up from rock bottom. For me, they just get me on a level that people never can. So when a certain tabby cat appeared one day, looked me in the eye and then walked off, something clicked. I felt okay, I felt like my life wasn’t over, that I would rise again. However the next day I woke up with the breakup on re-run in my mind, and I felt like giving up on the world again. I came into work, the same time I do everyday, and sat at my desk. I was doing some paperwork when I looked outside and there I saw the same gorgeous tabby which had visited me the previous day. It returns everyday, and gives me hope.

When you feel like giving up, when you feel so low that you can’t bear staying awake, because being awake means that have to continue feeling like this. Ask for a sign. Give into the Universe and ask for hope. There is nothing to lose, but so much that you could gain.

From Me.



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