Dear Universe,

Why am I scared? I know that you have my back, there is no reason I should be frightened, right? But the future scares me more than you can ever know. I feel alone in this big world, and I don’t want to be alone.

Dear Me,

Oh my darling little girl. You came into this world without fear, and I very much hope that you will leave without it too. Being scared is natural, we are scared because it protects us from getting broken. There are times where I will do something which scares you, and I do this for your benefit. You won’t learn what being burnt feels like by not touching anything which is hot, and if you don’t learn this from early on then you will get burnt so badly that you will never recover.

So I tell you this now. If you get rejected from that perfect job, it’s because you weren’t ready for it. If you get your heart broken, it’s because I’m getting you ready to meet the love of your life. If I do something which makes you break down in tears, I’m doing it to teach you how to be strong. My dear girl, you were born into this world to be a Queen, and to be a Queen you have to experience the good and the bad. You hold your head high not because you want to, but because you have taught yourself that being weak is not in your vocabulary. So holding your head high has become second nature.

Wear that façade, because I don’t want anyone seeing how vulnerable you are, and if they do, then you will laugh it off like some sick joke you are tired of hearing. Being weak does not define you, it has never defined you. So stand up, no matter what, and give it your all. I know you are scared but I give you the things I know you can cope with. So if I don’t think you’re ready,  I will not put your wants above your needs. But when I know you are ready I’m going to hit you with everything I’ve got. So little girl, stand up and this is your time to take on the world.

I’m on your side little one. So trust me when I say, there is no need to be scared.


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