Hey little one, just popping in with some advice.

Question . . .
Would you show your best friend their ex-boyfriends social media page to show them what they’re doing without them?

Answer . . .
No. Exactly. So why on earth do you put yourself through the pain of looking at it. It’s never going to bring you joy looking at it. There are two things you feel when looking at it, either you won’t feel anything, or you will feel a gut wrenching feeling deep in your stomach. So stop it. I care about you little one, and looking at it, keeping an eye on him is not going to help you move on. I know you want to know if he still thinks about you, if he still feels the same way you do…heartbroken. Even if he does; he is (I promise this) NOT going to post it on social media. Who the hell would? Especially if they are trying to show everyone, especially you, that they are so much better without you. So stop trying to hurt yourself, and think for a second. Ask yourself the question, ‘Would I do this to my best friend?’ if ‘no’ then DON’T do it. I care about you, and it sucks when I have to see you put yourself through an unnecessary hell. You are worth so much more than him, and you don’t deserve to feel like this, you know you don’t. You are stuck with yourself for life, so be nice.

Thank you Universe,

Sometimes it’s just so hard.

As always love from Me.


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