A Little Bit of Inspiration Please Universe?

Dear Universe, It’s me.

I read today that I have to put out positive vibes in order for good things to happen, but I’m feeling so low. All I can think about is negative things. What do I do? How can I fix things?

Dear Me,

You can’t feel happy all of the time, it’s okay to feel upset and down sometimes. If you didn’t, people would probably label you as a psychopath. You’re human, and so that means that you have the right to feel what you feel and do what you want to do. What I don’t want you to do is let that negativity control you, and become you. You can be negative, allow yourself to feel shitty sometimes, really feel your emotions, maybe even cry, but then pick yourself up and think of what you DO have in your life which makes you happy. Think about what is making you feel this way, and in 5 years will the thing your worrying about actually matter? Or if you died tomorrow, would you still care about that person who cares nothing about you? No. You would spend time with the people who support you, who make you feel whole, and love you for who you are. Don’t let negativity steal that away from you. I’m here to help, but I can’t do it all.

You’ll get better, I promise. Just give it time, and remember to be grateful for what you do have. Don’t give up hope, I’ve got big things planned for you little one.

From the Universe.


Coincidence? Can’t be.

Dear Universe,

Thank you for looking after me. As I said in my last blog post, I got broken up with. As many of you who’ve been dumped know, everything reminds you of your ex-lover. Last week, all I could listen too was Shania Twain, mostly because ALL of the other music I had on my ipod, that I usually listen to I associated with him, and our memories. So it was a no go. So when I found Shania Twain’s album ‘Up’ on my ipod it reminded me of the roadtrips I used to have with my mum, where we would shout out word for word every song she sung, and where I had no worries at all.

It was a Friday night, and I suddenly felt REALLY down, I missed him. I missed how we normally spent every weekend together, and that from now on I’m on my own. My mum, dad and I were flicking through the television, trying desperately to get my mind off him, and us. Suddenly there it was – Shania Twain on tour in Las Vagas! Some people would call that a coincidence. It’s a good job I know otherwise eh? What was even weirder was that my favorite song of hers ‘The One’ she sun on horse-back. Now you’re probably thinking, okay, well what does that have to do with anything. Well, I have a horse myself, who has saved my life more times than I can count, she’s been there throughout everything I go through. The horse she was riding was identical. Several things hit me that night. One – I can actually use the secret on anything I want, and two – I should be grateful for everything I do have. My horse has been there for me throughout everything, and all I could think about was a guy who didn’t give a fuck about me. It’s all about perspective.

Thanks Universe, for showing me gratitude.

Dear Me,

I’m always here for you. That’s my job.

Love from the Universe.

Break ups.

Dear Universe, it’s me.

I really do wonder sometimes why you put me through hell. I thought he was the love of my life, and you allowed his family to get him to choose them over me, even when they treat him like sh*t? Seriously, at the moment I’m really trying to understand why you do the things you do. I miss him every single day, and I haven’t heard a word from him. He said he wanted to be with me forever, he said that he would do anything for me, we were even saving up for a house. So what happened Universe? Why did this have to happen?

From Me.

Dear me, it’s the Universe.

Seriously, you need to trust me more. You say you believe in me, but you don’t trust my timing at all. He was not the love of your life. He was a love, yes, and he was in your life. I made him choose his family because he was only right for you for a certain amount of time. He was your first love, yes. I get that, and he will always remain with you, and you will always remain with him. No one can stop that. But you are going to go on to do great things, and he was destroying that girl, I couldn’t let that happen. You’re my little girl, and I will do what is right for you. Trust me, I will find the man of your dreams and I will bring him to you, but you need to trust in my timing. Right now in your life you need to find yourself again, and when the time is right, and you are ready, I will bring your prince charming to you. Most likely when you’re not bloody looking for him. So stop wanting your ex back, start believing in me, and be that girl I know you can be. You do not need a man to define you, you need belief in yourself to do that.

Yours Sincerely, The Universe.